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    Planning. Before starting any work, comprehensive planning and preparation are required. This includes determining the website's goals, audience, content, design, and functionality, as well as developing a budget and schedule for website construction.


    It's a requirement analysis. Understanding user needs and expectations is crucial. By analyzing the needs and behaviors of potential users, it is possible to determine what features and content a website should possess, and develop a design plan that meets these needs.


    It's website design. After determining the theme and style of the website, it is necessary to design the visual elements and user experience of the website. This includes the color scheme, font, layout, navigation, and interactive elements of the website. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the accessibility and responsive design of the website.



    It's website development. In this step, it is necessary to write code and build the infrastructure of the website. This includes establishing a database, developing a backend management system, writing front-end and back-end code, and integrating various components (such as photos, videos, and animations) into the website.


    It's a test. After completing the development, detailed testing is required to ensure that the website can run normally on various devices and browsers. The scope of testing includes functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and user acceptance testing.


    It is released. After passing the test, the website can be published on the server and officially launched. In this step, it is necessary to ensure that the website's backup and security measures are in place, and to prepare a maintenance and update plan for the website.

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