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    On many platforms, if you don't have fans, the content you post won't be watched by anyone. But Tiktok is different. You can have no fans at all. Your fans can see your work, and non fans can also see your work. This is why Tiktok attracts a large number of creators. Any video you shoot, regardless of its quality, will definitely have views after it is released, ranging from tens to tens of millions of views


    For each work you post, the system will randomly allocate a cold start traffic pool. If you respond well, Tiktok will assign you to the next level. Traffic pool. Here is the Tiktok recommendation algorithm



    Tiktok recommendation algorithm: in short, recommend high-quality content to people who like it, and judge from three aspects:


    Interaction rate: Tiktok will score your current video based on the average interaction rate of the whole platform. If the interaction rate of the currently released works is higher than the average level of the platform at that time, they will basically enter the secondary flow pool and get 500-3000 recommendations;

    點贊率:抖音官方宣布的優質視頻點贊率是3%,假如你的比方點贊比高于或者接近 3%,平臺會給你更多推薦量;

    Like rate: Tiktok officially announced that the like rate of high-quality videos is 3%. If your like like like rate is higher or close to 3%, the platform will give you more recommendations;


    Completion rate: That is, the video you post has 15 seconds, and the more people you observe, the higher the recommendation score


    Tiktok audit mechanism:


    Machine review: Using artificial intelligence to recognize video visuals and keywords, review whether the work has been broadcasted.

    人工審核:對機器篩選出來疑似違規作品,由人工進行二次審核。如果發現違規 思,則會進行:刪除作品、賬號降權、封禁賬號等

    Manual review: The machine screens out suspected illegal works and conducts a secondary review manually. If any violations are found, actions such as deleting works, reducing account rights, and banning accounts will be taken


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