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    Can be displayed on all mobile devices
    Mobile devices not only include mobile phones, but also tablets with different browsers and large screens. Although mobile phones are the main mobile devices, they cannot be ignored by other mobile devices.
    Before delivering mobile websites, testing is required. You can use responsive website testing tools to ensure that the website can display normally on all mobile devices.
    Mobile websites facilitate interaction
    The screen of mobile websites is relatively small and there is no physical keyboard, so some operations that are easy to complete on a PC may be difficult on a mobile phone.
    For example, when filling in a form, the date can be entered directly using the keyboard on a PC, but this operation should be avoided on a mobile phone. You can select the date by scrolling and sliding. In short, mobile websites should minimize the use of keyboards by users.
    Single layer navigation depth design
    Many PC websites have large navigation designs with a depth of at least two layers, or even up to three levels. But mobile websites should avoid such designs.
    One is that clicking on more levels on a mobile phone is not very convenient and accurate. Secondly, mobile users do not have the patience of PC website users, they will not operate three or more times to find the information they need.
    Therefore, the navigation design of mobile websites should adopt a one click direct approach, with one navigation corresponding to one page.
    You can return to the homepage at any time
    Because as mentioned above, mobile websites are designed with a single layer depth, which can cause certain difficulties for users to return to the homepage.
    For example, if a user is already on a page and wants to return to the homepage, they need to continuously operate the return button on their phone, which is obviously not very friendly.
    For this reason, the single page of mobile websites should be designed with a button to return to the homepage or a button at the top, with one click direct access. Especially for some pages that are longer, this design should be more appropriate.
    Is it easy to search and fill out forms
    No one likes to use a virtual small keyboard to input a large amount of text, and that's why mobile voice can shine brightly on the phone.
    And some scenarios require keyboard input. For example, for form input, in this case, the design aspect needs to be transformed from keyboard input to sliding operation input, as mentioned earlier in the date sliding selection.
    Another method is to perform intelligent filtering and reminders, such as for search input on e-commerce mobile websites. With only a small amount of information input, more options will pop up, and users only need to choose.
    Scaling of images
    The image design of mobile websites should be in zoom mode, which is appropriate. Due to the small size of the screen, some users hope to be able to examine the details of the image and enlarge it. Especially in the design of e-commerce mobile website, many e-commerce users like to look at the details.
    So, website designers need to grasp and balance the quality and size of images.
    All content can be played on mobile devices
    Some types of content, especially videos, may not play on all mobile devices. For example, Flash cannot run on many mobile devices. This also applies to unsupported video formats. If your content cannot be played, it is very frustrating for mobile users and can disrupt the experience. So, for all audio and video content, insisting on using HTML5 tags may be a better idea.
    Transferability of complex tasks
    The advantage of mobile websites is that they can be accessed at any time, but for some complex tasks that users hope to complete on their PC, or for privacy reasons, they will not use them on their phone. So mobile websites need to meet the needs of users.
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