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    企業為什么 要打造新媒體矩陣?

    來源:http://www.signcompanyfortwayne.com   發布時間:2024-05-23      


    Content diversification


    Each platform has its own unique content style. For example, the official account is dominated by images and texts, the microblog is dominated by short statuses within 140 words plus photos, and Tiktok is dominated by videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute.


    Establishing accounts on multiple platforms can diversify the form of content and attract different audience groups.


    For example, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League has settled in Bilibili, where the post-00s gather, and has released original videos to attract the attention of these young users. Users can post bullet comments.


    Diversify risk


    If a company operates on a certain platform and unfortunately experiences a "black swan incident", such as being shut down, all previous efforts will be wasted. In June 2017, major accounts including "Poison Tongue Movies" and "Love Gossip Growth Association" were permanently banned. Prior to this, "Poison Tongue Movies" had created related apps to guide fans to new platforms in a timely manner, thus reducing the impact of account bans.


    Establishing a matrix is also a reliable solution for dealing with fluctuations and uncertainty, as mentioned by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book Anti Fragility.


    Collaborative amplification of promotional effects


    After establishing the matrix, products and tones from different platforms can complement each other. In order to gain more traffic and exposure, enterprises need more platforms to promote and advertise self media platforms and products. The emergence of numerous new media platforms has provided excellent opportunities for enterprises.



    Enterprises apply for entry based on the requirements of different platforms, gradually building a new media matrix network from easy to difficult, in order to obtain more traffic and greater exposure.


    The Road of Full Network Marketing that Enterprises Must Take


    Whole network marketing is the abbreviation of whole network integrated marketing, which refers to a new marketing mode integrating a series of e-commerce content such as product planning, product development, website construction, website operation, brand promotion, product distribution, etc. It is a marketing mode integrating traditional network, mobile Internet, and PC Internet.


    The advantages of integrated marketing across the entire network include enhancing brand image, standardizing sales markets, promoting overall sales, solving offline sales bottlenecks, improving customer service systems, and streamlining distribution channels.


    Although the resources, funds, personnel, and marketing efforts invested by each enterprise vary, for the vast majority of enterprises that place great emphasis on brand awareness, full network marketing is a goal they must pursue.

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