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    The comment section is the only place where users can interact with videos when browsing. A wonderful comment can often ignite the comment section, even increase the topic of the video, create a point of dissemination, and make the video more popular and quickly gain followers.

    PART.01 / 評論區有3大好處!

    PART.01/The comment section has 3 major benefits!


    Firstly, it has a high gold content.


    All data can be falsified, but the cost of falsification in the comment section is very high. A blogger's comment section is very popular and nutritious, so everyone will think that he is really impressive.


    Secondly, the comment section is a great place to deposit iron powder.


    If fans have the desire to communicate with you, they will become friends one after another. People in the comments section who are desolate will not have iron fans.


    Thirdly, increase the completion rate.


    Typing takes time, and the comment section can greatly extend the user's stay time.


    So, what can we do to make our comment section "lively"?


    PART.02 / 評論區人氣提升方法

    PART.02/Methods for increasing popularity in the comment section


    a. End setting issue. For example, some people may end with a mental twist, causing many people to say the answer in the comments section.


    b. Asking questions or soliciting opinions from fans. For example, "Do you like the way I dressed today?" "How would you rate the dish I made today?"


    c. Set details. For example, at the end of a video, saying "I only realized after posting the video that my cat was causing trouble behind my back. I'll go clean it up later." Many people become curious and go over the video again, which not only increases the length of stay and replay rate, but also creates curious comments.

    PART.03 / 自評運營技巧

    PART.03/Self evaluation of operational skills


    1. Questioning type.


    Ask the audience a question through the comment section, which can be related to the video or imaginative. As long as it is interesting and eye-catching enough.


    2. Personality type.


    The comment section is an important channel for communicating with fans and bringing them closer together, which can effectively enhance their persona. So we can conduct some personalized self-assessment in the comments section. For bloggers like "Zhong Xiaoke," there is a very impressive self review in every video, and every like is very high.

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