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    Short video is a form of content presented in the form of video, typically ranging in length from tens of seconds to a few minutes. It is a way of quickly conveying information, emotions, and viewpoints, providing audiences with a richer and more vivid experience through the dual stimulation of visual and auditory senses. The significance of short videos lies in their ability to convey information in the shortest possible time and most intuitive way, while meeting the needs of modern people's fast-paced life and fragmented reading, becoming a popular form of content.


    Definition and types of short videos:


    Short video refers to video content of relatively short length, usually between tens of seconds and a few minutes.


    There are various types of short videos, including but not limited to the following:


    1. 新聞短視頻:以最短的時間報道新聞事件,傳遞實時信息;

    1. News short videos: report news events in the shortest possible time and transmit real-time information;

    2. 知識短視頻:以簡潔明了的方式講解知識、技能和經驗;

    2. Knowledge short videos: explain knowledge, skills, and experiences in a concise and clear manner;

    3. 娛樂短視頻:以輕松、幽默的方式提供娛樂和休閑;

    3. Entertainment short videos: providing entertainment and leisure in a relaxed and humorous way;

    4. 廣告短視頻:以創意的方式展示產品或服務的特點和優勢。

    4. Advertising short videos: showcasing the characteristics and advantages of products or services in a creative way.


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